Aughnanure Castle (Caisleán Achadh na nlubhar)

Aughnanure Castle


Location: Oughterard Map

Constructed: 16th century by O'Flahertys


Aughnanure Castle is a medieval tower house in a town of Oughterard in a Galway County in Ireland. Aughnanure Castle was constructed in the 16th century by a powerful O'Flaherty clan. The castle was erected by O'Flaherty, one of Connacht's most influential families in the 16th century. Onaneir is one of more than 200 residential towers in Galway County, created primarily by Gaelic and Old English landowner families. The tower is located off the coast of Loch Corrib, the castle belonged to the O’Flaherty family until 1572, after which it was captured by Sir Edward Fitton Sr. and granted to one of the younger members of the clan, a follower of the crown. It was used during the siege of Galway during the Cromwell invasion of Ireland. A little later, he was granted the Earl of Clanricard, and then returned to O’Flaherty. At the moment, it is managed and protected by state institutions for the protection of historical and cultural monuments.