Ballinalacken Castle

Ballinalacken Castle


Location: Clare County Map

Constructed: 15th century

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Description of Ballinalacken Castle

Ballinalacken Castle is located in the South-eastern part of Ireland in Clare County. For those who are not very familiar with counties of Ireland it is in light green on the map. Ballinalacken Castle stands on a limestone outcrop overlooking road from Lisdoonvarna to Fanore. The name of Ballinalacken Castle comes from Irish Baile na Leacan which means “land of the flagstones” apparently referring to dolmens in the area. The building it seems a great place for ghosts, especially on a gloomy foggy day. Today it lies on the lands that belong to Lord O’Brien yet it was another famous clan of O’Connors that founded first fortification in the 10th century. Only basement of the previous structure remains today since Lochlan MacCon O’Connor rebuilt it in the 14th century. In 1554 Ballinalacken Castle passed from the O’Connor clan to O’Briens with the surrounding lands. Unlike many other castle, Ballinalacken keeps most of its original structure without remodelling and even though the wood rotted away it is simple to imagine how Ballinalacken Castle looked like in the past.