Ballycarbery Castle

Ballycarbery Castle


Location: 3 km (2 mi) West from Cahersiveen Map

Constructed: 16th century


Ballycarbery Castle is a medieval castle situated 3 km (2 mi) West from Cahersiveen in a Kerry County in Ireland. Ballycarbery Castle was constructed 16th century. Already in 1398 there was a kind of residence here, but the ruins visible today date back to the 16th century. Some sources at that time described the castle as belonging to McCarthy Mors, but you do not know if it actually belonged to this family or their guardians, the O'connells. After the death of Donal McCarthy Mor, she fell to Sir Valentine Browne. In 1652, in the wars of the Three Kingdoms, Ballycarbery Castle was fired by parliamentary troops with cannons. In the 18th century, a house was built on the wall of the barn in which the Lauder family lived. This house was demolished at the beginning of the 20th century.

The castle was surrounded by a high wall, of which only less than half is preserved. Along the foot of today's remains of the wall are attached firearms. In a part of the wall there is a staircase, but it is difficult to access.

The ground floor of the castle consisted of several rooms, but today only one room with walls and roof is preserved. It is a large room with a rather high roof; in a corner a staircase leads up. There are two stairs leading to the first floor and a path up the back of the castle, as the entire rear wall of the castle is missing. One of the stairs is still preserved at the full height of the ground floor and in excellent condition. To the other one comes from outside the room, and this is easily damaged. The first floor is covered with Grass and has some original Windows and some small rooms, but it is mostly open. The first floor is the highest part of the castle ruins, which can still be reached, since the steps to the second floor must have been attached to the rear wall of the building, which is now missing.

Until about 2017, you could walk around the castle grounds and climb the ruins. But the castle ruins are located on private grounds and the owner has recently blocked access to the castle. So today visitors can only admire the building from a small parking lot about 200 meters in front of the castle.