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Burnchurch Castle

Burnchurch Castle



Location: County Kilkenny Map

Constructed: 15th century by Fitzgeralds of the house of Desmond



Burnchurch Castle is a medieval Norman tower house situated in County Kilkenny in Ireland. Burnchurch Castle was erected in 15th century by Fitzgeralds of the house of Desmond. The castle belonged to the aristocratic Fitzgerald family. Desmond owned this castle from the 15th century to 1817. The castle stands 4 miles southwest of the city of Kilkenny, and 6 km from Ballyber Castle, near the village of Kaffesgrange and Priory Kells. The castle is located on the lands of Burnurch barony Schillelooger.

In ancient times, the castle consisted of two towers and a wall surrounding the courtyard of the castle. The main tower had 6 floors, and a huge number of walkways with rooms inside. There was once a large hall that was attached to the main tower. Now there is no trace left of the large hall. Old drawings of the castle are preserved, which depict additional buildings that do not exist now. The castle has numerous narrow rooms hidden in the walls, including a “secret room” on the 4th floor. The stairs connecting the floors and lead to a small tower have been preserved, loopholes, a fireplace with carvings, a high chimney have been preserved. The rounded chimney was rebuilt several times. By design, the castle is somewhat reminiscent of Clare Castle. Battlements built in Irish style.







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