Castle Donovan (aka Castledonovan or O'Donovan's Castle)

Castle Donovan


Location: Drimoleague, County Cork

Constructed: 16th century


Description of Castle Donovan

Castle Donovan is a traditional Irish tower house located in Drimoleague, County Cork of Ireland.  Castle Donovan is named after O'Donovan clan that owned the lands where the citadel was erected. Castle Donovan was constructed in 1560- 1584 by Donal of the Hides, Lord of Clancahill. The castle was badly damaged by the forces of Oliver Cromwell in 1640's as a retaliation for O'Donovan clan that joined the Stuart side. Most of the structures around the tower house as well as a surrounding wall or bawn were destroyed. The tower itself was badly damaged, but still stands despite years of neglect and abandonment. Only recently reconstruction began to preserve remaining superstructure of the Donovan Castle.


Castle Donovan Haunting

Local legend claim that the Castle Donovan is a haunted building. O'Donovan clan performed an act of cruel injustice. They refused to pay back their debts to the Forde family and instead caught their member Dorothy Forde. After keeping her a prisoner for a lengthy time she was subsequently hanged. Former home of the O'Donovan is still said to be haunted by the spirit of a young woman. Full body apparitions, ghostly cries and even dripping water from a ceiling that are said to be her tears are some of the signs that are attributed to Dorothy.