Connemara National Park (Páirc Naisiúnta Chonamara)

Connemara National Park


Location: Galway County Map

Area: 2,957 ha

Visitor center:

Mar- mid- Oct: daily

Tel. 095 41054

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Description of Connemara National Park

Connemara National Park is a nature reserve situated in Galway County in Ireland. Connemara National Park covers an area of 2,957 ha and was opened in 1980. Visitor centre is situated in a village of Letterfrack. Much of the park is covered by sharp cliffs, grasslands, bogs and several patches of forest. Additionally Connemara National Park contains several megalithic tombs that date back 4000 years ago as well as 19th century cemetery.


The park has preserved megalithic burials created four thousand years ago.

The land on which the national park was created previously belonged to several owners, of which the two largest were Kilemor Abbey and Letterfrack Industrial School. In particular, on a farm owned by the school, built around 1890, an information center is now located. All these lands were used as agricultural, mainly for pastures for sheep and cattle. Marshes were partially used for peat extraction. The park preserved unused farm buildings, as well as the remains of the old road that led to Galway.

Currently, the park is wholly owned by the Republic of Ireland and is not used for agriculture.

Most of the park is occupied by peat bogs and moorlands. Marshes are located both in lowlands and higher in the mountains, where they are somewhat drier. Heather covers the slopes of the mountains. The most common plant in the national park is Molinia caerulea, which gives the area a reddish hue. High in the mountains, cold-resistant plant species are found, such as pink rhodiola, saxifrage, a heart-shaped cache, and a two-columned sorrel.

Of the birds, the most commonly encountered are the field lark, meadow horse, and birds of prey are periodically observed in the park. Of the small mammals, rabbits, foxes, ermines, shrews, and bats are found.

The calling card and at the same time the largest animal of the park are Connemara ponies.

The mountains in the territory of the national park, in particular, Twelv-Benz, of metamorphic origin, the peaks consist mainly of quartzite, the foot - of marble. The gentle low mountains took their final form during the last glaciation.