Doe Castle (Caisleán na dTuath)

Doe Castle


Location: Creeslough Map

Constructed: 16th century


Doe Castle is situated in a town of Creeslough in Donegal County in Ireland. It was constructed in the 16th century. Here Eoghan Rua Ó Néill returned in 1642 to lead the Ulster Army of Irish-Confederate forces in the wars of the Three Kingdoms.

In the 17th century, the castle changed hands several times in the struggle of the Irish and English for supremacy in Ireland. It is known that Sir Charles Coote, 1st Earl of Mountrath, the governor of Londonderry, took possession of the castle in 1650.

Later, Sir George Vaughan Hart bought the castle and lived there with his family until 1843.

The castle is located on a small peninsula. It is surrounded on three sides by water and has on the land side a dug in the rock ditch. The complex consists of mostly high outer walls around an inner enclosure, in which a four-story tower house stands.

The Irish singer Brian McFadden stopped in 2001 at the castle for the hand of his (today's ex) wife, Kerry Katona. At this point his grandfather had also stopped at the grandmother's hand.