Donamon Castle

Donamon Castle


Location:  Roscommon County

Constructed: 1154

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Medieval Donamon Castle is located in Roscommon County of Ireland. Donamon Castle was constructed in 1154. There was a fortress here since the earliest period; for the first time "Dún Iomáin" was mentioned in the annals of the four Masters in 1154. Donamon was the seat of clan boss Ó Fionnachta of Clann Chonnmhaigh, one of the two main branches of this family from Connacht. In 1232, as part of the Norman Conquest, Adam de Staunton continued to secure the site, but the new fortress was destroyed by the local O'connors in the following year. The rebuilt castle was inhabited by De Oddingseles in 1294. He died in the following year. The De Berminghams took over the property, but it was destroyed in 1303, once again, of the O'connors. In 1307, they were displaced by the Burkes, whose chief MacDavid was called. The MacDavid Burkes inhabited the building for the next 300 years.

In the wars of conquest and expropriation of the 17th century, a branch of the Caulfield family came into possession of the castle and the surrounding land. They remained in the possession of the property throughout Protestant supremacy.

At the end of 1932, an IRA unit under the command of Seán McCool and Mick Price Donamon Castle took over to build a training camp for their organization.

In 1939 the divine word missionaries came to Ireland and bought the castle from the Irish Land Commission. The Steyler Mission had several new buildings built to create a Campus where people were trained before they were sent to the world. The castle itself is still the centre of the Steyler Mission in Ireland today. The training campus is now occupied by the Irish Wheelchair Association's national holiday centre.

Donamon Castle

Donamon Castle in 1786