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Doonagore Castle

Doonagore Castle



Location:1 km West of a village of Doolin     Map

Constructed: 16th century




Description of Doonagore Castle

Doonagore Castle is a 16th century tower house surrounded by simple wall. Doonagore Castle was constructed on a site of an older 14th century citadel that was constructed by Tadgh MacTurlough MacCon O'Connor.
In 1588 Spanish Invincible Armada was destroyed by storm. Scattered ships and lucky survivors landed on different shores in this region of Europe. However 170 sailors that landed here were less lucky. They were captured by High Sheriff of County Clare, Boetius MacClancy and subsequently hanged. Their bodies were buried in a mound near Doolin, locally known as Cnocán an Crochaire. Doonagore Castle was restored in the early 19th century and again in 1970's by Rex MacGovern of Lardner & Partners. Today it is privately own and tourists are not allowed on its ground without permission of the owner. Many tourists come to this area, but not for the castle interiors. Several haunting were reported around Doonagore Castle that usually involves scenes of ghosts of Spanish sailors being dragged from the shore to the castle. Legends claim that their souls still seek revenge on High Sheriff who mistreated them and killed them.












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