Dunguaire Castle

Dunguaire Castle


Location: County Galway Map

Constructed: 1520


Dunguaire Castle is a traditional tower house situated on the shores of the Galway Bay in Galway County in Ireland. Dunguaire Castle was constructed in 1520.


Castle history
The castle was built by the Hines clan in 1520, with which this land has been associated since 662, when according to legend, this place was the royal residence of Guayre Aidne, the ruler of Connaught and the founder of the clan. In the seventeenth century, the fortress was transferred to Oliver Martin (Richard Martin's father). She remained under their control until at the beginning of the twentieth century it was acquired by the surgeon and poet Oliver John Gogherty. Gogerti began the restoration of the castle.

Under Gogerti, the castle met such large figures of the "Celtic revival" as William Butler Yates, George Bernard Shaw, Lady Gregory, John Milington Singh.

In 1954, the castle was acquired by Cristabella Lady Amphill, who completed the restoration begun by Gogerti. The fortress was later bought by Shannon Development, an Irish corporation that operated numerous historic sites that attracted tourists. During the summer months, when Dangwire Castle is open to visitors, a medieval costume party is held every night, where speakers read Irish literature aloud and play traditional Irish music.

In 1979, the fortress was also used as a filming location as a Scottish castle, which was the home of the protagonist of the film “Capture in the North Sea”.