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Fiddaun Castle

Fiddaun Castle




Location: Tubber     Map

Constructed: mid-16th century



Fiddaun Castle is an Irish tower house in a town of Tubber County Galway in Ireland. Fiddaun Castle was constructed in mid-16th century.





The history of the castle Fdon
Fiddon castle was built in the mid-15th century in the Norman style in the Barony of Kiltartan. The castle was built by the Irish clan VI Fiachrach Aidni (IRL. Uí Fiachrach Aidhne). It is likely that the castle was built by the clan leader — sir Roger Gill was Blowing In Sahnish (RL. Sir Roger Gilla Dubh Ó Seachnasaigh). At least it is known that he lived there and the first mention in historical sources about this castle says that in this castle lived this Irish leader. It was one of four castles that then belonged to the clan O'shaughnessy (IRL. O'shaughnessy). The castle is a tower surrounded by a fortress wall. The castle is located between Lough Doo and the Loch Asloun. The castle stands on private land, but is protected by the state-public works Offices, as a monument of history and architecture.



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