Foulksrath Castle (Caislean Ratha)

Foulksrath Castle


Location: Jenkinstown, County Kilkenny Map

Constructed: 15th century


Description of Foulksrath Castle

Foulksrath Castle stands near a town of Jenkinstown in County Kilkenny in Ireland. Foulksrath Castle was erected in 15th century. This medieval citadel has a long a colourful history. Foulksrath Castle is no wonder that locals consider it haunted. One of the ghosts that is said to roam hallways of Foulksrath Castle is that of a guard who appears once a year on a day of his execution on November 29th. The story goes that he fell asleep at his post and as a punishment he was thrown off the tower to his death. Some report loud noises of the medieval armour and distinct steps in the hallways. Another sighting that has been reported is that of a woman. She usually is seen around a staircase. No one knows why she chose this location. She might have fell from the stairs or was pushed to her death on purpose. Whatever might be the case many eye witnesses saw here. Another peculiarity of this spirit is a distinct smell of flowers that usually precede her appearance.