Glenveagh Castle

Glenveagh Castle


Location: County Donegal Map

Constructed: 1870- 73 by John George Adair


Description of Glenveagh Castle


Glenveagh Castle is a pseudo- Gothic mansion located in County Donegal in Ireland.  Glenveagh Castle is situated on the shores of the lakes it is also surrounded by Glenveagh National Park. It was constructed in 1870- 73 by John George Adair. Member of the minor gentry he moved to United States. There he became a successful land prospector. He was so successful that eventually made enough money to move back to his homeland in Ireland. Here he constructed his imposing Glenveagh Castle under influence of Romanticism. Adair become famous for his cruelty toward his tenants. He managed to evict 224 families from their home that became known as a "Derryveagh Evictions". The only reasoning for kicking out so many people from their homes was his aesthetic pleasure of watching surroundings without human presence.



Glenway was built by captain John George Ader, a petty nobleman and native of County Leish, who made his fortune by speculating with land in the United States. Having become rich, he returned to Ireland and began to buy up vast tracts of land in the county of Donegal. In 1869, John Adera married the daughter of James S. Wadsworth, general of the Northerners Army during the U.S. Civil War. Together with his new wife, Adera began the construction of Glenway Castle. According to the plans of the captain, the structure was to surpass Balmoral, the residence of Queen Victoria,

In 1937, the castle was acquired by American Henry Plumer McLenny, and in 1981 it was transferred to them in the ownership of Ireland.

Glenway was visited by many Hollywood celebrities, including Greta Garbo and Marilyn Monroe.