Hill of Tara

Hill of Tara


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Hill of Tara is an archaeological complex in a Meath County in Ireland. The ritual marriage of the High King with his land was concluded at the "feast of Tara", in the Honey Rest - the main feast hall of Tara; Tara itself also in its structure reproduced the sacred division of Ireland - there were four halls around the Honey Rest. Here is the legendary Fall stone.

Currently, there are six sites on the hill that are surrounded by earthen ramparts, the largest with a diameter of about 260 meters.

According to legend, in 432, St. Patrick preached here. His current statue is believed to be in place of the stone on which the coronation of the High Kings took place.

The residence has been abandoned since the VI century, but the hill in 1843 was used for a mass rally of supporters of independence of Ireland, at which Daniel O'Connell spoke.

The hill is a national monument of Ireland and a candidate for inclusion in the World Heritage List.

In culture
In Gone With the Wind, Georgia’s main character estate is called Tara in memory of the Irish descent of the O’Hara family. After the release of the novel "Tara" has become a popular female name in the United States. In honor of the hill, the Tara region on the satellite of Jupiter to Europe is named.