Howth Castle

Howth Castle


Location: Howth, Fingal County Map

Constructed: 14th century


Howth Castle is a medieval complex situated in Howth, Fingal County in Ireland. Howth Castle was constructed in 14th century.


The Legend of Howth Castle
There is a popular legend about Howth Castle. Legend has it of a case that happened in 1576 during a trip to Dublin by the Queen of Pirates, Grinne O'Malley. She paid a courtesy visit to Baron Howth. But the Baron was busy, he was having lunch at that time. And the castle gates were closed in front of the pirate queen. Then Grinne O'Malley kidnapped the grandson and heir of X Baron Howth. The granddaughter was released on condition that the castle gates would always be open to unexpected visitors and there would always be an extra seat at the castle at each meal. At Howth Castle, this agreement is still celebrated.

Howth Castle in cinema
In filmmaking, Howth Castle was portrayed as the fictitious Galoran Castle in Roger Corman and Frances Ford Coppola's film Madness 13, where the film was the scene of numerous scenes. In addition, the castle appears in scenes of spaghetti westerns: the characters Duck and your Lollipop were shot here.

Land of Howth
Once upon a time, Howth Castle stood in a very picturesque place, which was described very poetically in 1892 by Rosa Mulgolland. In recent years, as a result of development, the beautiful landscape has been completely destroyed. The beautiful gardens and plantations of beech, rhododendrons that were planted here in 1710 were destroyed. Since 2016, the castle has been organizing excursions on the theme: "King George's Kitchen." The National Museum of Transport of Ireland is located on the castle grounds. The museum presents various vehicles of different times, including the Hill-Gaut tram number 9.

Howth Castle in literature
In 1939, James Joyce's novel Finnegan's Wake was published. This novel mentions the Castle of Howth and Environs (PGI), which is understood to mean Dublin. The abbreviation OGE appears in many contexts in the novel, including the name of the main character of the novel - Humphrey Chimpden Erwicker (in English all the initial letters are the same as those in OGE).