Huntington Castle aka Clonegal Castle

Huntington Castle



Location: 4 km (2.5 mi) South- West of Kington Clonegal Map

Constructed: 1625 for Laurence Esmonde, Baron Esmonde

Open: June, July, August and September


Description of Huntington Castle

Huntington Castle is a magnificent mansion located 4 km (2.5 mi) South- West of Kington Clonegal. Huntington Castle was constructed in 1625 by Laurence Esmonde, later Baron Esmonde as a "plantation castle" or in other words for the defenses of the plantations in the region. Although if you take in consideration that the area is located in the strategic region between Dublin and Wexford the builders probably should have taken more time on defending their military citadel. Anyhow during English invasion of Ireland (1649–53) under leadership of Oliver Cromwell the fortress fell to the hands of the enemy forces.

One of the most famous hauntings in Huntington Castle date back to the time period. According to local legends English soldier was accidentally shot and killed by his own troops then he was returning back to Huntington Castle. Poor fellow was dressed up as a Royalist and obviously the Parliamentary forces were too quick with the trigger. To this day people report seeing a soldier in the uniform from the 17th century. The house currently is privately owned, but it is open for tourists in the months of June, July, August and September. It should be noted that a garden around the house is work of the art by itself with numerous plant species collected here. Another curiosity of Huntington Castle is Fellowship of Isis that considers the house as a base of its religion since 1976. As with many neo- pagan cults it has little to do with worship of ancient deity, but more with social misfits getting some action from human females. Deal with them at your own risk. Other notable ghost manifestations on the grounds of the castle include former owner of the castle Barbara St. Lege, as well as her maid and some mysterious monk that roams Huntington Castle and its surrounding areas.