Lakes of Killarney

Lakes of Killarney



Location: County Kerry Map

National Park: Tel. 064 31440

Open: pedestrians at all times

cars 8am- 6pm daily

8am- 7pm July- Aug


Lakes of Killarney (English Lakes of Killarney) - a network of lakes in the south-west of Ireland in the county of Kerry near the city of the same name Killarney. This includes lakes: Loch Lane, Macross (Middle) and Upper. All of them are of glacial origin.

Loch Lane is the largest among the three reservoirs. It is located in the Black Valley between the mountains of Quarantill, Torquay and Mangerton. The Lane River connects the lake to Dingle Bay. The average depth is 13.4 m, the maximum is 60 m. On the eastern shore of Loch Lane there are ancient copper mines constructed more than 6 thousand years ago. Between Macross Lake and Loch Lane there is a relict yew grove.

Nearby are Killarney National Park, Ross Castle, Macross House and Macross Abbey. At the top of the mountain range surrounding the lake there is a Ladies View observation deck.


The lakes are located in a deep valley, surrounded by the massifs of:

Carrauntuohil (the highest mountain in Ireland, culminating at 1,039 m);
Purple Mountain (835 m);
Mangerton Mountain (838 m);
Torc Mountain (535 m).