Leamaneh Castle

Leamaneh Castle


Location: The Burren

Constructed: c. 1480


Haunting in Leamaneh Castle

Leamaneh Castle is located in the Burren in Western Ireland. It was constructed circa 1480. Leamaneh Castle is considered as one of the most haunted structures in the country. According to local legend the estate was once owned by Mary O'Brien. She became infamous in the region for her cruelty and violence. Several of her maids and servants were hanged for minor mistakes. Some were killed by her orders. Local people rumored that Mary was a witch and even daughter of Satan himself. Eventually her crimes got retribution. Several man caught Mary, tied her up and left her in the hollow tree nearby. She starved to death there, but her ghost returned to her favourite castle of Leamaneh. It is said that her spirit is occasionally seen in the windows of the Leamaneh mansion. Other claim they saw her black figure roam around her estate looking for victims. It is said that you she will kill you if she catches you within her former possessions.


Today, the ruin consists of the Tower House with its narrow shooting ranges as well as the four outer walls of the cultivated country house with its coupled and fighter Windows. The latter include a Trompe-l'œil effect, as the windows on the upper floors are smaller, which creates the impression of large building height. There are also remnants of the outbuildings, the enclosed garden and the Rehpark. Unlike other castles and country houses in Ireland, Leamaneh Castle is left to his fate and is not officially accessible because of its poor construction. It is located on private Land, which is used as a field.