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Lismore Castle

Lismore Castle




Location: Lismore, County Waterford    Map










Lismore Castle is situated in Lismore, County Waterford in Ireland. Lismore Castle stands on the ruins of a former Roman Catholic Monastery that stood here since 7th century. The castle belonged to the Counts of Desmond, and since 1753 the Dukes of Devon. In the XIX century, the castle was rebuilt in the Neo-Gothic style by William Cavendish - VI Duke of Devonshire.

Lismore Castle was built in 1185 by Prince John - the future king of England, John Landless. Before that, there was a monastery of the Lismore Abbey on this site, which was founded in the 7th century. The monastery was a famous religious, educational and scientific center of Ireland. In 1171, the Anglo-Norman conquest of Ireland took place, the monastery was confiscated by the King of England Henry II, who decided to build a castle here - the stronghold of the British government. The castle for some time continued to be the residence of the local bishop, but in fact was the property of Count Desmond. The estates of the Counts of Desmond were significantly reduced after the assassination of Gerald Fitzgerald - XV Earl of Desmond in 1583. As a result of these events, the English colonization of its lands began.

In 1589 the castle was leased, and then became the property of Sir Walter Raleigh. In 1602, Walter Raleigh was jailed and charged with “high treason”. He was forced to sell the Lismore Castle to the adventurer Richard Boyle - and the Earl of Cork.