Listowel Castle

Listowel Castle


Location: Kerry County Map

Constructed: 15th century


Listowel Castle is located in Kerry County in Ireland. This impressive Listowel Castle house was constructed in the 15th century.


The history of the castle Listowel
Castle Listovel was the last Bastion of the rebels for nezazalezhnist Ireland, which resisted the English troops during the so-called revolts of Desmond or heraldine revolts. The oldest castle Listovel was built in the XIII century feudal lords Fitzgerald, then the castle was rebuilt in the XV century feudal lords Fitzmaurice. The castle was constantly the site of battles and clashes between the feudal lords of Desmond, the Irish clan o'neill and the troops of England. On November 5, 1600, the castle fell after a siege that lasted 28 days. The siege was carried out by an English officer, sir Charles Wilmot. After the capture of the castle, he commanded the garrison of the castle.

Then the castle was owned for a long time by the aristocratic family Gar, who received the title of Earls Listovel after the refusal of the property of the aristocrats Fitzmaurice-knights of Kerry. Then the castle was abandoned and turned into ruins.

To this day, only the remains of two of the four towers have survived. The walls are thick, there is an unusual feature-the presence of a high arch. Archaeological research shows that at first the ancient castle of Listovel resembled the castle of Bunratty, in County Clare, but then the castle was rebuilt. In 2005, restoration work began, led by the public works Authority in Ireland. Stones for restoration were made by experts-masters. Stairs to the upper floors were restored.

Near the castle Listowel in Woodford knights of Kerry, built a new castle in the Norman style. This happened after 1600.

Not far from the castle is the literary center "Shenhai" (IRL. - SeanchaĆ­). The center is housed in an 18th-century mansion built in the style of king George. In this center you can learn a lot about the history of the castle Listowel. The coordinator of the center today is Kara Trant.