Malahide Castle

Malahide Castle



Location: 9 mi (14 km) North of Dublin Map

Constructed: 12th century


Description of Malahide Castle


Malahide Castle is situated 9 mi (14 km) North of Irish capital of Dublin in a village of Malahide in a Dublin County. The original medieval Malahide Castle was constructed in the 12th century. Many people say the see a short ghost of a medieval soldier. The legend claims that it is a watchman who fell asleep at his post. He failed to warn the garrison of the approaching enemy and once he realized his castle was doomed he committed suicide out of shame. His spirit still roams the hallways and rooms of the Malahide Castle.


The estate was founded in 1185, when the knight Richard Talbot, who accompanied Henry II to Ireland, took possession of the land and harbor of Malahide. The Malahide Castle belonged to the Talbot family for 791 years, with the exception of the period from 1649 to 1660, when Oliver Cromwell, after the conquest of Ireland, granted the estate to Milz Corbet. Corbet hanged himself after the death of Cromwell and the castle again passed to Talbot. The castle was noticeably enlarged during the reign of Edward IV, in 1765 towers were added to it. The castle survived tragedies such as the Battle of the Boyne River, when fourteen members of the Talbot family sat down to have breakfast in the Great Hall, and by the evening everyone was dead.

In the 1920s, private papers by Scottish writer James Boswell were discovered in the castle. They were sold to an American collector by the great-great-grandson of Boswell, Lord Talbot.

Ultimately, Malahide Castle was inherited by the seventh Baron Talbot, and after his death in 1973 was transferred to his sister Rose. In 1975, Rose sold the castle to the state to pay the inheritance tax, and emigrated to Australia. Many of the contents of the castle, especially furniture, were sold in advance, which led to numerous public disputes. But private and state actors were able to partially recover the losses. Currently, the castle has a museum.