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Monkstown Castle

Monkstown Castle



Location: Monkstown  Map

Constructed: 12th- 13th century





Monkstown Castle is situated in a Monkstown in a Dublin County in Ireland. This medieval citadel was constructed in 12th and 13th century. The land around Monkstown is flat to the northeast, but to the southwest it is hilly. To the northeast, the sea is the closest to Monkstown. The highest point is Two Rock Mountain, 532 meters above sea level, 8.5 km southwest of Monkstown. There are about 550 people per square kilometer around the heavily populated Monkstown. The nearest town is Dublin, 7.8 km northwest of Monkstown. Monkstown's neighborhood is almost completely covered by homes. In the region around Monkstown, rock formations are remarkably common.

The climate is moderate. The average temperature was 8 ° C. The warmest month is June, at 13 ° C, and the warmest January, at 2 ° C.






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