Oranmore Castle


Location: Oranmore Map

Constructed: 16th century by Earl of Clanricarde


Oranmore Castle is a medieval tower house in a town of Oranmore in Galway County in Ireland. Oranmore Castle was constructed in 16th century by Earl of Clanricarde.


Oranmore was erected by the Earl of Clanricarde in the 16th century, possibly on the basis of an earlier building. Clanricarde, a notable family from Galway, used it as a citadel. In March 1642, the village of Oranmore joined the Irish Confederation during the rebellion, which the owners of the castle, the Marquis and the fifth Earl of Clanricarde, stubbornly resisted. The clanricards maintained the castle from the sea until 1643, when, without the consent of the Marquis, captain Willoughby, ruler of Galway, surrendered.

After a break in ownership, the sixth Earl of Clanricarde regained the castle, and in 1666 leased the castle to Walter EfE, whose descendants owned the castle until 1853.

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In 1947, lady Leslie blocked the roof of the castle, as it fell into complete disrepair. Her daughter added a two-story wing to the castle. Unfortunately, less than 20 years later, in 1964, a fire broke out in the castle and the new roof burned down.

The castle is a rectangular residential tower, four stories high and embrasures on the lower one.

The castle is open to tourists in may, and July 1-27; August 4-31, and September 25-30 from 14 to 18 hours. The day off is Sunday.

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On March 23, 2001, Oranmore castle appeared in an episode of the TV series the Scariest Places on Earth.