Rockfleet Castle (Carraig an Chabhlaigh)

Rockfleet Castle


Location: Newport, County Mayo Map

Constructed: 16th century


Castle Rockfleet (irl. Carraig an Chabhlaigh) - castle Carrykagovli, castle Carraig an Hablaig-one of the castles of Ireland, located in County Mayo, near the city of Newport. Castle tower type. Built in the middle of the XVI century. The castle belonged to Grynna (grace) O'malley, a woman who became the chief of the o'malley clan, the pirate Queen of Ireland.

There is a version that the castle was built by Retard Iarainn Burke (Richard Burke-Richard the Iron) - XVIII Lord Mac William Johar. In 1546, Grainne O'malley married Donal an Hogaidh Flaithbertach-Donal O'flaherty-chief of the clan O'flaherty. After Donal's death, grace married Richard the Iron-Richard Burke in 1566. When Richard died in 1583, the castle passed into the possession of grace. In 1593, she met Queen Elizabeth I of England and obtained a license to fight against the Queen's enemies-a license to plunder the ships of Spain and other countries with which England was at war.

There is a legend about castle Rockfleet, a talking rope from grace's galley crawled itself into the castle and tied a bed on the top floor of the castle to the castle door.

Castle Rockfleet height of four floors, 18 m. the Castle is open to tourists. The key to the lock can be requested at a nearby farm. If you ask politely, the key will give You and the lock will be allowed. The road to the castle was made in 2015. Prior to this, access to the castle was difficult, especially during high tides.