Ross Castle (Caisleán an Rois)

Ross Castle


Location: Killarney National Park   Map

Constructed: late 15th century by  O'Donoghue clan


Description of Ross Castle


Ross Castle is a medieval castle that is found within borders of Killarney National Park.  Ross Castle was erected in late 15th century by O'Donoghue clan. A local legend claims that the castle is haunted by a couple of youngsters. In a classic story of Romeo and Juliet they fell in love, decided to escape the prohibition of their clans to marry one another. It is said that Orwin accidentally drowned during escape attempt, while her loved one Sabrina died several days later from a broken heart. Many tourists reported seeing full body apparitions in Ross Castle, heard strange screams and felt sudden cold spots that are said to be manifestations of ghostly activity.


Ross Castle (irl. Caisleán an Rois) - located near the town of Killarney in County Kerry, Ireland. It is the clan’s nest of the O’Donoghue clan, but is better known for being part of the Browns family. The castle stands on the shores of Loch Lane Lake nearby in Killarney National Park.

Ross Castle was built at the end of the 15th century by the local ruling clan O’Donoghue, after which the structure was repeatedly changed hands during the Desmond Uprising of 1580. As a result, the castle was rented by Sir Valentine Brown, Earl of Kenmar. During the war with the British, led by Oliver Cromwell, Ross fell one of the last. However, the former tenants regained the building, having managed to prove that their heir was too young to participate in the uprising.

In the middle of the XVII century, for the accession of the Browns to one of the warring British parties - to Jacob II, tenants were again expelled from Ross. Soldiers' barracks that existed here until the beginning of the 19th century were set up in the vacated premises. Thanks to its history, Ross Castle has become a symbol of the Irish struggle for independence.

The castle is a typical building of the Irish leaders of the Middle Ages. Thick walls with round corner towers and a massive tower in the center.

There is a legend that says that the head of the O’Donoghue clan was "sucked out" by an unknown force from the window of his room, along with all the furniture, books and a horse. He flew some distance and drowned in a lake near the castle. It is believed that O’Donoghue lives in a large palace at the bottom of the lake and carefully monitors everything that happens on the surface.