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Tullynally Castle

Tullynally Castle



Location: 2 km (1.5 mi) from Castlepollard, County Westmeath   Map

Constructed: early 19th century




Description of Tullynally Castle

Tullynally Castle also known as Pakenham Hall Castle is situated 2 km (1.5 mi) from Castlepollard in County Westmeath of Ireland. Original Tullynally Castle was owned by the Pakenhams, later Earls of Longford. Most of the modern structure was constructed in the early 1800's by the Second Earl of Longford. Tullynally Castle is surrounded by the garden that is open from May to September from Thursday to Sunday. Tullynally Castle is considered to be haunted. The legend goes that one of its butlers fell in love with a cook of a residence. All his approaches were rejected and unlucky suitor hanged himself in the end. Some say that he still roams the empty hallways and rooms of the Tullynally Castle in search of his loved one.




In the 17th century, a fortified house stood on the site of Tallinnali Castle. Henry Pakenham, the former captain of the parliamentary army during the civil war in the British Isles, received the land around Tallinn Castle in 1665. He received the land and the estate of Tallinn as compensation instead of paying the debt, his deity could not pay. His grandson, Thomas Packenham, received the title of Baron Longford in 1756. Grandson of Thomas Packenham, another Thomas Packenham, III Baron Longford inherited the title of Earl Longford in 1794 from his grandmother - Countess Longford.

II Earl Longford rebuilt the 17th-century fortified house in the Neo-Gothic style in the early 1800s, adding a moat to it. At this time, the castle looked more like a medieval castle than any other mansion of those times in Ireland. Since then, the Tallinn Castle has been owned by several generations of the Pakengem family. Today Tallinn Castle is owned by Thomas Pakengem, VIII Earl of Longford. Now it is the largest house in Ireland, it is privately owned by one person.

In this castle, the British Army General, Sir Edward Packenham, was born and raised.




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