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Tyrrellspass Castle

Tyrrellspass Castle




Location: Tyrrellspass, County Westmeath  Map

Constructed: 1411

Open: 9am- 8:30pm

Official site



Tyrrellspass Castle is situated in a town of Tyrrellspass of County Westmeath in Ireland. This military citadel was constructed in 1411 by the Tyrrell clan. It is one of the best preserved Irish tower house. Tyrrellspass Castle reaches a height of 20 meters. The beams that support the roof of Tyrrellspass Castle date back to the 1280. The castle lost much of its military importance in the 17th century. During English invasion led by Oliver Cromwell many of the members of the Tyrrell clan were caught and executed by the enemy forces. Tyrrellspass Castle underwent reconstruction in 1970's and today contains a museum and restaurant.



Tyrrell fun is the modern Name of Fartullagh (Irish Fir Thulach), where in 1597 Captain Richard Tyrrell, a main ally of Aodh Mór Ó Néill, 2. Earl of Tyrone in the nine years ' war, in the so-called battle of Tyrrell fun a victory against the troops of the English crown won.

During the conquest of Ireland in 1650, the inhabitants of the castle suffered greatly and many were executed. Soon after, the Rochfort family, who later became Earls of Belvedere, acquired the castle. In 1796 the second Earl gave up the castle as barracks to the army.[3] in 1850, Charles Brinsley Marley, the grandson of the daughter of the 1st Earl, became the owner. After that, the estate fell to Lieutenant-Colonel Charles Howard-Bury, the Explorer. He later sold the houses on the estate.

After an eventful history of raids, the castle was extensively restored by Phillip Ginnell in the 1970s.




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