Biržai Castle

Birzai Castle



Location: Panevėžys County  Map

Info: J Janonio 2 (450) 33 496

Sela Museum

J Radvilos 3

Tel. (450) 31 883

Open: 10am- 5:30pm Wed- Sat

9am- 4:30pm Sun


Biržai Castle is a historic residence situated in Panevėžys County of Lithuania. It was constructed between 1586 and 1589 by Duke Kristupas Radvila (Radziwill) Perkūnas (God of Thunder). Lake Širvėna that lies to the North of the fortress was also formed around this time after Agluona and Apaščia rivers were dammed. The castle was captured in 1627 by the Swedish troops after a lengthy siege. The citadel was completely destroyed. In 1662- 69 the castle was reconstructed in the Dutch style, but the Swedes didn't take much time to show up and burn the new structure on September 14th, 1704. This time no one tried to fix the fortress. Biržai Castle was reconstructed in the end of the 20th century. It was completed only in 1988 in Renaissance-Baroque style.