Dzūkija National Park (Dzūkijos nacionalinis parkas)

Dzūkija National Park



Location: Dzūkija  Map

Area: 550 km²


Dzūkija National Park located in Dzūkija of Lithuania covers an area of 550 km² along the banks of river Neman. It was established in 1991 to preserve and protect the natural landscape of pine forests and villages of the region.  It is the largest protected area in the country. Dense untouched forests cover 91% of its territory, the rest is taken by the lakes and rivers. The sandy soil of the park soak all the water so if you feel like camping in the park you won't have any problems with moisture. Keep an eye on hollow pines though. Old pines often have hollow insides that are often occupied by the bee hives. While it was a good source of honey since the ancient times they might be quiet defensive if someone would approach their nest.


Dzūkija National Park in total contains over 50 monuments of art, architecture and history. In the village of Lishkyavos you can find remains of the medieval stone tower. Additionally a Church of Holy Trinity stands nearby with a Dominican Monastery from the 18th century. Its seven altars in rococo style are one of the most beautiful structures in all of country. Near villages of Virshurodukis and Kaschyunay you will find remains of partisan villages that fought against the Soviet rule in words, but in reality killed more Lithuanians than Communists or Russians for that matter. Needless to say post- War partisan activity in the 40's and 50's is still a subject of debate among the country's citizens so you probably don't want to get into this mess with your opinion.