Birštonas (German, 18th century: Birschtannen) is a health resort in the southern part of Lithuania. The city is the seat of the Birštonas municipality in the Kaunas district. The name of the town is derived from biržtva ("birch grove").



The town of Birštonas is 39 km south of Kaunas and 7 km southeast of Prienai, on the right bank of the Nemunas River. Birštonas is located in the Memel Loop Regional Park. You can swim in the three man-made lakes in the city. 3136 people live in the urban area of ​​13 km².



The salty springs are mentioned as early as 1382 in the Marburg Wiegand Chronicle of the Teutonic Order. In the Middle Ages, the Lithuanian grand princes took a rest after the hunt at Birštonas Castle. The 30-meter-high Birštonas Hill (Vytautas Hill) is one of the most famous hills in Lithuania, as the wooden castle and the adjoining estate of Grand Duke Vytautas were located there at the end of the 16th century.

Birštonas health resort became famous for its mineral water. After the springs were only occasionally visited by noble hunting parties, a real spa began in 1846. After severe damage in the First World War, the Lithuanian Red Cross established sanatorium no.1 here.

The international Birštonas jazz festival has been held here every two years in March in the cultural center since 1980.

Winter sports are also promoted in Birštonas, there are two ski slopes (160 and 300 meters) with a ski lift, which are illuminated in the evening.

Health resort
In 1846, healing with the Birštonas mineral water was officially recognized. Birstonas has also had the oldest mineral water bottling company (Vytautas and Birutė brands) in Lithuania since 1924.

There are some health clinics and sanatoriums (with springs). In addition to vacation options, there are cures including accommodation, full board, many spa treatments (massages, mud baths, bathing and drinking cures, etc.) and specialist medical examinations, not necessarily just for rehabilitation purposes.

Numerous sanatoriums offer various mineral water and mud procedures with mineral baths, medicinal inhalations, movement therapies and other applications.

These disorders are treated in the Birštonas health clinics:
Stomach and intestinal diseases
Traumatological and orthopedic diseases
Peripheral nervous system diseases
Diseases of the musculoskeletal system and the like a.
There is also the “Birštoner Höft” (Birštono vienkiemis), a large senior center on the southern outskirts.