Daugai is a town in the territory of Alytus district municipality, 22 km east of Alytus and the same northwest of Varėna, 1 km south of the highway 128 Naujoji Valkininkai – Daugai – Alytus. It was first mentioned in 1384 in the chronicle of the Teutonic Order as a settlement of the Daugi on the road from Trok to Vilnia. In 1792 he received the rights of the city. In 1793, the Seim of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth deprived Daug of the city's rights. During the third partition of the Rzecz Pospolita in 1795, it became a part of the Troksky district of the Vilna province of the Russian Empire with the status of a town that bore the name of Dauga. Since 1940 he was in the Alytus region of the Lithuanian SSR, (USSR). In 1956 it received city status. In 1950-1959 it was the center of the Daugai region.

Since 1991 it has been a part of Lithuania. the modern coat of arms was approved on August 4, 1998.