Utena is the core city of the Rajongemeinde of the same name in northeast Lithuania. The city forms its own municipal office (miesto seniūnija) in the municipality and is the administrative seat of the Utena district. The city has around 33,000 inhabitants, the Rajongemeinde Utena 48,000.


Economy and Transport
Utena is not far from the borders with Latvia and Belarus on the Warsaw (Poland) -Kaunas-Daugavpils (Latvia) -Sankt Petersburg (Russia) highway and is the location of a nationally important brewery called "Utenos".

The Ascension Church and the Church of Divine Providence are located in the village.

About seven kilometers northwest of the place is the park "Vyžuonėlių", which was declared a Lithuanian natural monument in 1958. In it stands the studio house of the painter Marianne von Werefkin. It is part of an ensemble of richly decorated wooden houses that are still preserved today and were built in the typical folkloric style of Abramzewo. They were once the center of the Werefkin family estate. They called the estate "Blagodat", bliss. Werefkin's father had it - which at that time also included the Vyzuonélés, Mediniai and Mazelizkiai estates, the Skaistasilis forest and the Lukuo lake - received it from Tsar Alexander II as a present in 1879 for special military services. The young painter spent the summer months there, was visited by her admirer Ilja Repin and introduced Alexej Jawlensky to oil painting before she moved with him to Munich.

In Utena there is a university (Kolleg Utena), 3 high schools and a youth school (a middle school), 4 secondary schools, 2 elementary schools, 5 schools-kindergartens; a music school in Utena and a center for special education and special employment (special education).