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Žemaitija National Park

Žemaitija National Park



Location: Žemaičių Highlands    Map

Area: 217 km²






Žemaitija National Park covers an area of 217 km² intended to protect natural habitats and many species of birds that live here. The park contains trails for hiking and bicycles. Additionally Plateliai lake is popular for its sailing, diving and fishing. National park contains 12 natural monuments, a visitor centre and 10 museums. If you want to stay overnight you can use many of its lodges or camp out in the forest. Keep in mind that over 10% of the Žemaitija National Park is closed to the public in interest of saving traditionally nesting ground for wetland birds. This includes Rukunzhdzhsky and Plokshtinsky reserves. In the spring and summer months it is also forbidden to visit the wetlands. Žemaitija National Park also contains 30 archaeological sites such as mounds, burial grounds, sacrificial hills and many more. If you get a chance and find something keep in mind that it is illegal to remove any ancient object from the park. The territory of the park also contains numerous crosses, small chapels and other Christian monuments scattered all around the park.
Former Soviet nuclear base that once housed R-12U nuclear missiles is abandoned today. Most of interior was stripped of all electrical wiring long time ago and many of the entrance were closed by concrete. You can get inside and take a peek yourself at one of many Soviet military outposts along the Western border.










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