Židikai is a town in Lithuania, Telšiai district, Mazeikai district. Located 21 km west of the town of Mazeikiai. Židikai was founded in 1568. Lithuanian writer Shatriyos Ragana (Maria Pyachkauskaite) lived and died in the village. There is her house-museum. Also among the attractions of Zhidikai is the Church of John the Baptist (1821). There is a secondary school named after Maria Pyachkauskaite.


Before WWII, the village was a shtetl and the Jewish community made up 89% of the population. During the summer of 1941, several hundred Jews were assassinated during mass executions carried out by a German einsatzgruppen assisted by Lithuanian collaborators.

Between 1915 and 1930, the famous writer Šatrijos Ragana lived in this town where there is a church and a school.