Warsaw Medieval City Walls

Warsaw Old Town still carries some of the remains of the original medieval military fortifications that used to protect the Polish capital. Most of walls and towers that remain scattered around Warsaw were constructed from the 14th century to mid- 16th century. Original Warsaw city wall had two curtains of walls reinforced with towers and small fortresses.



Barbican: ul. Nowomiejska


One of the best preserved of medieval fortifications is the Barbican. It was constructed in 1548 by Gianbattista of Venice, Italy. It has an appearance of a small fortress intended to defend Nowomiejska Gate (in Polish Brama Nowomiejska). Dungeon of Barbican is defended by four semicircular towers on all four sides. Most of current structure that you can see today were actually erected after World War II using medieval ruins as a guide and base for modern walls and towers. It is hard to say how historic the appearance of the military fortifications are, but it adds a nice touch of authenticity to this old medieval European city.