Saint John’s Cathedral (Warsaw)


Saint John's Cathedral is a medieval parish church that was erected in the 15th century. It is situated just 5 minutes walking distance from the Royal Castle. It was an important Christian temple where historic events were held. This includes the coronation of Stanislaw August Poniatowski in 1764 and oath of allegiance to the Constitution on 3 may in 1791. Addtionally it serves as burial grounds for distinguished Poles. This includes Gabriel Narutowicz, first president of the Polish Republic, Cardinal Stefan Wysznski and many others. Saint John's Cathedral acquired status of a cathedral after 1794. During World War II it was badly damaged by falling German bombs. After the war church's facade was reconstructed under supervision of Polish architect Jan Zachwatowicz.



Location: Swietojanska 8
Tel. 022- 831 02 89
Bus: E- 1, E- 3, 116, 122, 175, 195, 495, 503
Open: daily (Sun: pm only)


Baryczkowski Crucifix that is situated on the left side of the altar as you enter this church was carved in the 16th century. Some Polish Catholics believe that it has miraculous powers. Thus it is common to see pilgrims that flock here. Crucifix of Saint John Cathedral also contains real human hair. Many legends surround its origins. It is most likely must have come from a devoted Christian that donated his or her hair to this statue. Another distinguished feature of Saint John's Cathedral is a beautiful marble Malackowski Family Tomb.  It was designed by the Danish Neo- Classical sculptor Bertel Thorvaldsen.