Church of Saint Martin

Church of Saint Martin in historic part of Warsaw was built in 1631- 36 on a site of an older medieval Christian church. It was reconstructed in the early 18th century under supervision of architect Kalrol Bay who gave Church of Saint Martin its Baroque appearance including its beautiful facade. Warsaw Uprising of 1944 against German occupation badly damaged many buildings including this church. After completion of World War II church was restored to its original appearance under guidance and supervision of Sister Alma Skrzydlewska. During removal of debris and rubble workers discovered a beautiful crucifixion with a lower half of body of Jesus Christ. Crucifixion was preserved and a fragment of an upper part of the body was added with a modern ugly twist. Church of Saint Martin served as a meeting place in 1980's for Polish political opposition that tried and eventually succeeded in overthrow of the Communist government.


Location: ul. Piwna 9/11

Tel. 022 831 0221

Bus: E- 1, E- 3, 116, 122, 175, 195, 495, 50