Calatrava la Vieja

Calatrava la Vieja



Location: Castile-La Mancha

Constructed: began in 785


Description of Calatrava la Vieja

Calatrava la Vieja is a ruined medieval stronghold situated in a Castile-La Mancha province of Spain. Its construction began began in 785. The ancient city of Calatrava, known since the 13th century as Calatrava la Vieja, is located in the municipality of Carrión de Calatrava (Ciudad Real, Spain).

During the High Middle Ages, Calatrava la Vieja was the only important city of al-Ándalus in the middle valley of the Guadiana River. His outstanding position, on the left margin of this one, made it obligatory on the road from Córdoba to Toledo and in the communications between the Levante and the Peninsular West.

Castle was constructed by the Muslim builders of the Umayyad kingdom (late 8th century), for four centuries it was part of al-Andalus. In the middle of the 12th century, after moving to Castile, it was one of the first possessions of the Order of the Temple in this kingdom. After the templar abandonment of the place, the city was the origin and first seat (1158) of the Order of Calatrava, the oldest peninsular military order.