Loarre Castle

Loarre Castle


Location: Aragon Map

Constructed: 11th- 12th century

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Description of Loarre Castle


Loarre Castle is a medieval citadel in the Aragon province of Spain. Loarre Castle was constructed in 11th century. Loarre Castle was built in the late 11th century during rule of King Sancho Ramirez I of Aragon originally as a royal residence and a launching area for military operations against Arab armies. It particularly was important in keeping an eye on the plain of Hoya de Huesca that was controlled by the Muslim forces. Medieval fortress was not the first citadel constructed on this strategic location. Much earlier fort was constructed during Ancient Roman period, although little remained today. In 1097 King Peter of Aragon and Navarre donated turned Loarre Castle into an Augustinian Monastery.


In the 12th century inhabitants of Loarre Castle constructed a Romanesque church of Santa Maria of Valverde just outside of its walls. It has three naves and a barrel vault. Even though Loarre Castle served as a religious complex, it still played an important role as a military fortification. The outermost curtain wall strengthened by eight tower were constructed in the 13th and 14th century.


Today medieval fortress is one of the best preserved citadels in Spain. In 1906 it was dedicated as a Cultural and National Monument of 1906. Despite many centuries Loarre Castle kept much of its original appearance and layout. It is one of the reasons why it was used in shooting of Kingdom of Heaven (2005).