El Puig Monastery of Saint Mary

El Puig Monastery of Saint Mary


Location: El Puig, Valencia
Tel. 96 147 02 00
Open: Tue- Sat



Description of El Puig Monastery of Saint Mary is a Roman Catholic monastery

El Puig Monastery of Santa Maria or Saint Mary is a Roman Catholic monastery in El Puig, Valencia province of Spain. The monastery of Santa MarĂ­a del Puig or Royal Monastery of the Mercedarian Fathers of Puig de Santa Maria is located in the municipality of El Puig, in the region of La Huerta Norte of the Valencian Community (Spain), only 14 km north of the city of Valencia. Founded by the will of King Jaime I the Conqueror in 1240. Its historical relevance comes from the fact that in this place was fought in 1237 the final confrontation for the conquest of Valencia, the Battle of Puig. The Virgen del Puig was considered for centuries as the patron saint of the Kingdom of Valencia.


As relates the "Llibre dels Fets" on the hill in front of which the monastery is located the castle of Enesa, key Muslim fortress in the conquest of Balansiya (Valencia). The conquest of this, surrounded by an epic and religious legend, led the king to the will to found a monastery in this place, donating these lands to Arnau de Cardona, master of the Order of Mercy. Of this initial foundation that would be a simple chapel of Reconquista there is no vestige, except for the cover of the current church, but it is not in its original location.