Ordesa Valley

Ordesa Canyon




Length: 10 mi (16 km)

Area: 7,052 acres


Description of Ordesa Valley

Ordesa Valley in Aragon province of Spain is one of the largest and beautiful canyons in Europe. It stretches for 10 mi (16 km) with a total area of 7,052 acres. Ordesa Valley is a beautiful canyon in the Spanish Pyrenees that form part of Ordesa y Monte Perdido National Park. It is famous for its extraordinary landscapes, waterfalls, glacial canyons and picturesque cliffs. In the ancient period Ordesa Valley was covered by a glacier. It since retreated  due to warming climate, but parts of the ice sheet is still visible near highest point of Pyrenees mountains Monte Perdido ("Lost Mountain") that reaches an elevation of 3,355 meters above sea level.


Ordesa Valley National Park was established on August 16, 1918 to preserve unique flora and fauna of the region. In 1997 it was designated as UNESCO site. Ordesa Valley is famous for the largest population of the Pyrenean Chamois or a mountain goat that is extremely rear.