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Baiona is a historical Spanish town situated on the shores of the Atlantic Ocean in Galicia province in the North- west Spain. One of the caravels from the first fleet of Christopher Columbus Pinta arrived to this small port on 1 March 1493 proclaiming the discovery of the Western route to India, which turned out to be a whole new continent, but it is besides the point.

Travel Destinations in Baiona

Castelo de Montereal (Baiona)


Castelo de Montereal is a medieval citadel that guarded this seaside town. First fortified settlement on this place dates back to the second century BC. Julius Caesar led his Roman legions here to conquer these lands in the 1st century BC. Much of the current structure date back to the medieval times. It was constructed between 12th and 16th century. The walls proved to be a formidable force repelling attacks of many pirates, including an attack of Francis Drake.


Iglesia Antigua Coleglata de Santa Maria (Baiona)

Iglesia Antigua Coleglata de Santa Maria is a Roman Catholic church devoted to Mother of God. It is a Romanesque church with a Cistercian influence.


Statue of Virgen de la Roca (Baiona)

Statue of Virgen de la Roca was erected in 1930 by a design of Antonio Palacios. It is possible to climb inside the statue.