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Casa Mila La Pedrera (Barcelona)

 Casa Mila La Pedrera (Barcelona)




Location: Quadrat d’Or
Subway: Diagonal, Passeig de Gracia




Description of Casa Mila de Pedrera

Casa Mila La Pedrera (Barcelona)  Casa Mila La Pedrera (Barcelona)  Casa Mila La Pedrera (Barcelona)  Casa Mila La Pedrera (Barcelona)  Casa Mila La Pedrera (Barcelona)  Casa Mila La Pedrera (Barcelona)

Casa Mila La Pedrera is probably the most famous private house in Barcelona due to its unique and wonderful architecture that resembles a stone cave in a middle of a modern city. Casa Mila or Mila House was designed by the architect Gaudi to Mila family hence the name. Its interesting architecture was inspired by multiple caves around Barcelona, thus it got its second name La Pedrera that can be translated as "quarry" or "stone cave".


Unique architectural feature of Casa Mila La Pedrera is that it has no bearing and retaining walls. All floors are supported by columns. This allowed inhabitants of Casa Mila to move partitions in apartments and alter the interior design. The roof terrace of Casa Mila is open to the public. It consists of several platforms, small bridges, colorful ceramics, stained glass and interesting chimneys that are reminiscent of mysterious creatures. Balconies are made from iron rods twisted in unique forms. Casa Mila architectural design carries natural motifs of caves, sea and underwater world. This apartment residence building was declared by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site in 1984. It also houses a museum dedicated to the works of Gaudi.








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