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Montjuic Fortress (Castell de Montjuic)

Montjuic Fortress (Castell de Montjuic)



Park de Montjuic
Tel. 93- 329 86 13
Subway: Parallel
Open: Tue- Sun
Closed: Jan 1, Good Friday, May 1, Dec 25- 26




Description of Montjuic Fortress

Castell de Montjuic Castell de Montjuic

First known Montjuic Fortress was built during Medieval period, although current structure that you see today was largely constructed in the 17th century with later additions. Montjuic hill holds a strategic site at an attitude of 200 meters above sea level. Catalan counts constructed a their citadel, but little remains of the original structure. The first construction that occupied the top of this mountain was a watchtower destined to inform by signals of the proximity of boats that approached the city. In 1640 , during the revolt against Philip IV (War of the Reapers), the first fortification was built in Montjuic made of earth with stone and mud cladding. This provisional fortification served to repel the assault of the Castilian troops commanded by the Marquis of los VĂ©lez on January 26 , 1641 . The original fort was converted into a castle in 1694 . Its plant occupied all the flat part of the summit, with three bastions facing the land and a line of saw teeth looking out to sea. The small fortification that preceded it remained as an interior redoubt.


During 18th and 19th century Montjuic Fortress turned into a prison due to lack of any military use. Here in October 1940 Fascist government executed the head of the Catalan government Luis Companys.


Today Montjuic Fortress houses the Military Museum with a vast collection of weapons and historic military uniforms from different eras and regions of Spain. In addition the museum of Montjuic Fortress displays models of the Catalan fortress, documents and various artifacts dedicated to the history of Montjuic Fortress. At the foot of the castle you can see an observation deck "Mirador del Alcade" which offers a stunning view of Barcelona and Barcelona port.