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Mount Montjuic





Subway: Espanya, Poble Sec, Parallel
Bus: 13, 50






Montjuic or Jewish Mountain is a visible prominence overlooking city of Barcelona. Its name is probably derived from a Catalan word for Jewish Mountain as a reference that an old medieval Jewish cemetery was located on slopes of Montjuic. Another version for its name comes from a Latin word Mons Jovicus or "hill of love". Its most prominent landmark is a Montjuic Castle (Castell de Montjuic).


The remains of an Iberian settlement from the 3rd century BC have been found here. It has always been a strategic place from which to defend the city, so that since ancient times there has been a fortress at its peak. In 1751 the current castle was built , the work of Juan Martín Cermeño , which during the Spanish War of Independence was occupied by the French.

As it has been a strategic point for the defense of the city, it has been to keep it under control, along with the strength of the Citadel at the other end of the city. In December of 1842, the troops led by General Espartero during his regency bombed the city from the castle; and General Juan Prim bombarded it again between September and November 1843 to put an end to the popular revolution of jamancia .








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