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Parc Guell (Barcelona)

 Park Guell



Location: Carrer d’Olot
Tel. 93-413 24 00
Subway: Lesseps
Open: daily
Closed: Dec 25- 26(am), Jan 1 & 6




Description of Park Guell

Park Guell  Park Guell  Park Guell

Park Guell on the outskirts of Barcelona is one of the most incredible place in the city. Originally it was constructed with aim to create a private residential complex, which became a collection of unique and colorful architecture. In 1984 Park Guell was designated as the UNESCO World Heritage List. Garden city of Park Guell was commissioned by Eusebi Guell, Spanish philanthropist, who also named this famous Barcelona landmark. Most of the work on the design and construction of this weird and wonderful houses, flowery paths for walking and alleys was performed by famous Catalan architect Antoni Gaudi. He also designed Gaudi House that became one of the most visited places in Park Guell. The whole building including the furniture and interior layout was designed out by famous architect.




Park Guell was conceived by Güell and Gaudí as a structured complex where, within an incomparable framework of natural beauty, there would be some high standing homes, with all the technological advances of the time to ensure maximum comfort and great finishes. artistic quality They also devised a set imbued with a strong symbolism, since they tried to synthesize in the common elements of the park many of the ideals, both political and religious, that patrons and architects shared: thus, concepts coming from political catalanism are perceptible in the whole - above all on the access stairway, where the Catalan Countries - and the Catholic religion are represented-In the monument to Calvary, originally designed as a chapel. The mythological element is also important : it seems that Güell and Gaudí were inspired by the Apollo temple of Delphi for their conception of the park.

On the other hand, many experts have wanted to see in the Park Guell a series of references of varied sign, due to the complex iconography applied by Gaudí to the whole urban project, references that range from political vindication to religious exaltation, passing through mythology , history or philosophy . In particular, many scholars claim to see references to Freemasonr , a fact unlikely due to the deep religious beliefs of both Gaudí and Count Güell and, in any case, not proven by any objective information. The multiplicity of symbols developed in the park Güell is, as has been said, political and religious, in any case with a certain mysterious character due to the taste of the time for riddles and mysteries.

Park Guell is cataloged as a monument declared in the register of Cultural Assets of National Interest of Catalan heritage and in the registry of Assets of Cultural Interest of Spanish heritage with the code RI-51-0003818. It is also part of the World Heritage Site declared by UNESCO as « Works of Antoni Gaudí » with the code 320-001, where it was registered in 1984 together with the Güell palace and the Casa Milà .





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