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Basilica de Santa Maria del Mar

Basilica de Santa Maria del Mar



Plaza Sta Maria 1
Tel. 93- 310 23 90
Subway: Jaume I.
Open: 9am- 1:30 pm, 4:30- 8 pm Mon- Sat

10am- 8pm Sun




Basilica de Santa Maria del Mar Basilica de Santa Maria del Mar Basilica de Santa Maria del Mar

Basilica de Santa Maria del Mar or Church of Saint Maria of the Sea is a Roman Catholic Church in historic district La Ribera in Barcelona. It stands on a site of a former Roman Arena where many Christians as well as gladiators and animals were killed. This splendid example of Catalan Gothic architectural style was built from 1329 to 1383. The church was constructed on donations provided by merchants and shipbuilders. The period was marked by flourishing growth of maritime trade and navigation so there was no shortage of resources for construction of this magnificent basilica. Thus it took fairly short period of time to build Basilica de Santa Maria del Mar despite devastating fire of 1379 that slowed down its completion.


The walls, the side chapels and the facade were finished around 1350. In 1379 , on the verge of finishing the fourth section of vaults, the scaffolding burned and the stones suffered important damages. Finally, on November 3, 1383 , the last part of the vault was placed and on August 15 of the following year the first mass was celebrated . The earthquake of 1428 caused the collapse of the rosette, causing some deaths due to falling stones.


Entrance doors to Basilica de Santa Maria del Mar is covered by reliefs depicting episodes of unloading the ships from the time period. The interior of Basilica de Santa Maria del Mar has excellent acoustics which makes basilica a great location for concerts of organ and symphonic music. The facade of the church including rose stained glass that depicts coronation of the Virgin Mary was added between 15th and 18th century.










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