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Castro de Santa Tecla





Location: A Guarda, Galicia  Map

Constructed: 600- 200 BC


Museo de Monte de Santa Tecla

A Guarda

Tel. 986 61 4546

Open: Tue- Sun





Description of Castro de Santa Tecla

Castro de Santa Tecla is an ancient Celtic settlement situated near a little fishing port of A Guarda in a Galicia province in North- West Spain. A group of stone dwellings were constructed in 600 - 200 BC. However petroglyphs on the hill Santa Tecla where the settlement sits date back as early as 2000 BC. During Roman times Castro de Santa Tecla was inhibited, but human presence went into decline and the site was completely abandoned. Museum of this archaeological site Museo de Monte de Santa Tecla is located on a hilltop nearby. It was declared a National Historic Artistic Monument in 1931 and also has the consideration of Cultural Interest.


In several of the rocks of the mountain where Castro de Santa Tecla stands today archeologists found petroglyphs made 2,000 years before the construction of the fort, so, according to the thesis maintained by Antonio de la Peña Santos, director of the last systematic excavation campaigns in the eighties, settlement had a continued occupation between the 2000 B.C., until the first century AD. From that moment began a slow process of abandonment, which could have been interrupted with temporary sporadic reoccupations in late Roman times.