Dénia Castle

Dénia Castle



Location: San Francisco

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Closed: 1 Jan, 25 Dec


Description of Dénia Castle

Dénia Castle is a medieval castle located in Dénia in the province of Alicante. It was built in the 11th century on a rocky cliff overlooking the whole town below. It was further increased in size in the 12th century. Denia Castle was constructed in the 11th century to guard town of Denia below from possible pirate attacks from the Mediterranean sea. It is not the first fortifications on this site. Archeologists discovered remains of Ancient Roman fortress at the base of the hill where Denia Castle stands today. In the 16th and 17th century Denia Castle was further strengthened under supervision of the Duke of Lerma, Marquis of Denia. These improvements includes new bastions, Red Tower and thicker walls to counter improved firepower of naval artillery. Fortress was abandoned in 1859 and it fell in disrepair until 20th century when local authorities began to reconstruct medieval walls and towers.


Today Denia Castle houses the Archaeological Museum of Denia located in the Palace of the Governor and established in 1957. It is a fairly recent addition that was constructed in the 17th century in a Renaissance architectural style. Archeological Museum houses a collection of historical artifacts that cover historic periods starting from the 2nd century BC up to 18th century. Most of items were discovered during archeological digs in Denia Castle and its vicinity.