Medzhybizh Fortress (Меджибожский замок)

Medzhybizh Fortress

Medzhybizh Fortress is a medieval castle located in Khmelnytskyi Oblast of Western Ukraine.


Location: Medzhybizh, Khmelnytskyi Oblast  Map

Constructed: 1540's


Description of Medzhybizh Fortress

Medzhybizh Fortress stands at the confluence of river Southern Bug and river Buzhok. Its natural protection allowed defenders of the garrison to protect the citadel with modest size. Original castle on this place was constructed by the Russians during reign of Kievan Rus, however this citadel was burned in the middle 13th century during Mongol invasion. The Lithuanians who conquered these lands erected a new castle on this strategic location. It was reconstructed in 1540's under orders of rich and influential Polish hetman Nikolai Senyavsky or Mikołaj Sieniawski. During Ukrainian- Russian war for independence against the Polish rule the castle was taken by the Cossacks. Their leader Bogdan Khmelnitsky repeatedly stopped in this castle.


The shape of the Medzhybizh Fortress is an irregular triangle with walls that reach 4 meters in thickness and 17 meters in height. The inside courtyard measures at 130 meters and 85 meters. A church that dates back to 1586 was constructed in the middle of the Medzhybizh  Castle. Recently Medzhybizh Fortress has been renovated. Its walls and buildings have been reinforced and strengthened.